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Special Education Needs and Disabilites families

Having an autistic son myself, I have an interest in helping families cope with the demands of parenting a special needs child.

The stresses and strains of being a parent carer, can impact on our emotional wellbeing and make us vulnerable to illness, effect relationships and cause us to function below par. Bach remedies can assist in helping the body deal with problems such as tiredness, sleep issues, irritability, confidence, isolation, stress and anxiety.

In keeping our mind and bodies in good condition, we can be the best parent carer we can be. It will allow us to be more patient, understanding and calm in testing times. This in turn will help our family as a whole.

The remedies can also help our young people with problems such as sleep, frustration, hyperactivity, anxiety and concentration. The flower essences work in a very gentle, natural way with the individual and will not react with any medications taken. The remedies will assist in managing their condition and behavioural issues that may arise.


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"Every single person has a life to live,
a work to do,
a glorious personality,
a wonderful individuality"

Dr. Edward Bach


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